Life’s better with a boat! – Benefits of Boating

Boating has many benefits that will improve your lifestyle from health through to family!
We have listed a couple of, what we believe to be are some of the biggest benefits of boating:

  1. Exercise.
    Are you aware that boating is a natural exercise? It’s no secret that staying active and being in the fresh air contributes to good health. But did you realise, using your muscles also releases endorphins – the feel good hormone – making you fitter and happier. Swimming, wake boarding, skiing/tubing, snorkelling and fishing engage your muscles and increase your fitness, but even when your boat is at anchor, your legs, arms and stomach muscles are balancing and working, burning calories!
  2. Vitamin D.
    Get out and grab some Vitamin D: Sunshine provides Vitamin D, and is an essential vitamin, that promotes healthy bones and is medically proven to improve mood. Nowadays kids as well as adults rarely get enough due to our indoor lifestyles, sitting in front of computer games, TV’s and mobiles. A day’s boating allows our bodies to soak up a safe amount of Vitamin D, with the sensible use of sunscreen too.
  3. Strong Relationships. 
    Have you heard of the saying ‘Family & friends that play together, stay together’? One of the biggest factors contributing to happiness and overall well-being are your social connections. Boating provides an amazing bonding experience and creates fantastic memories that last a lifetime.
  4. Healthy Mind.
    Life’s short. Un-plug and de-stress! Chronic health problems such as stress, insomnia and depression have been linked to our lack of ability to power down. Unplug! Everything can wait, it really can! In this digital age, it seems we can’t (or won’t) make a move without checking in, snapping a selfie, sending a text and staying in touch with the inbox. Studies show that getting out on the water reduces stress, improving your quality of life, and report boaters respond to stress/stressful situations in a better manner than non-boaters. Move forward on a boat and watch your troubles fade into the distance.
  5. Explore the Beautiful WA.
    Western Australia has extensive coastline and many beautiful rivers to explore. Pick a new one each holiday time or weekend, you’ll never run out of new places to visit. Some of our favourites are: The amazing Swan River which will take several days to fully navigate, our stunning Rottnest Island with secret spots only boaters can explore, the stunning Abrolhos’s or Monty Bello Islands, the clear blue waters of Esperance with its archipelago of 105 islands, the far north coast including the pristine Ningaloo reef where the whale sharks roam and the beautiful Blackwood river and Peel inlet which will have you in awe of the bird life you’ll see.
  6.  It’s Affordable!
    Did you know that boating can suit ALL budgets? Boating is now more affordable than it’s ever been. With as little as $5,000 you could be skimming across the waters with your family, exploring this magnificent state. Buy the boat with a friend and it’s even cheaper! Finance has never been easier to obtain, and with record low interest rates there’s no better time to get into boating. And, if you catch some seafood, the savings start to really add up!

    Here’s some approximate annual costs to maintaining a $20,000 boat verses the cost to buy fresh seafood:

    Service $750 2 x 10kg Dhufish $1,200
    Rego (boat & trailer) $250 4 x Live Crayfish $200
    Insurance $450 2kg Swan River Crabs $58
    TOTAL PER YEAR $1,450 TOTAL $1,458

    As for petrol, running a 70 h/p four stroke at cruising speed uses approximately 1 litre per 3 kilometres. A round trip to Rotto and back is 60 kilometres which will use about 20 litres of petrol.

  7. Boating is F U N!
    Last, but definitely not least, one of the top reasons for boating is simply because it’s fun! There are so many activities whether you like to simply take in the sights, have your own floating waterfront restaurant, fish, ski, snorkel, cruise, overnight or simply find a secluded swimming spot. You’ll discover a whole new world through boating.


If you are interested in experiencing the boating lifestyle, contact us today on (08) 9309 4200. We have new and used boats to suit everyone and every budget as well as the training expertise to get you ready for your first adventure!